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The Customs bonded area has been in activity since February 1989, giving agility in the Customs clearance for imports and exports.

It is strategically located, with easy access to the highways that cross the State of Espírito Santo, Vitória's airport and the main port for container cargoes and loose cargo in large quantities. Hiper Export is located approximately 150 meters from the Port of Capuaba, in the municipality of Vila Velha, which belongs to the port complex of Vitoria, and this location enables the follow-up of cargoes in a smaller time period.

The company has an exclusive team to accompany the Customs clearance in import and export operations, for port programming and varied registrations, as well as to obtain the logistic results until the process is closed.

In constant change to improve clients' assistance, the Company continuously increases the services it offers, as well as invests in infrastructure and team training. Presently it has approximately 450 clients in the foreign trade activities - import and export, operating a variety of products such as: marble and granite, machinery and equipment in general, computer, telecommunications and electronic accessories and raw materials, drinks, cosmetic products, perfumes, medication, textile products, amongst others.


Estrada Capuaba 1500 - Ilha das Flores - Vila Velha- ES - Brasil, CEP: 29115-910
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